Video Services

Video depositions

Video depositions go beyond the written word to convey emotion and inflection with all the telling silences and sighs that are lost in mere text. On visual impact alone, a videotaped deposition can become the tipping point toward trial or settlement. Our professional videographers at Alpha Legal Solutions capture witness testimony and provide a high quality product customized to meet our clients needs. Our post-production team can deliver: synchronized video, a day-in-the-life video, settlement documentary, or a video format of your choice.

Synchronized Videos

Want a more captivating video to play at trial? Using a synchronized video is a great way to tell a more powerful and persuasive story while ensuring that you are maintaining the jury’s focus. In addition to simply showing a video to the jury, the scrolling text will help to capture their attention and allow them to easily follow along with the witness testimony. A synced video enables you to view linked exhibits, keyword search, and quickly create video clips which can then be exported to multiple formats.

Other Video Services

A well crafted settlement video incorporates the key factors of a case and visually weaves them into a cohesive television style documentary. The effect is profound as it not only provides a humanizing portrait of the plaintiff; it individualizes the case and forces the opposing parties to take notice. In addition, the settlement documentary can be an effective tool used to present critical evidence and prove damages, thereby justifying the demand letter and increasing the value of the case. Professionally produced legal video documentaries are powerful forms of communication that have an impact on the viewer like no other medium can. “Day In The Life” videos, site inspection videos, you name it… ALS can visually document all of your video needs.

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