Trial Presentation and Consulting


Trial Technology Consulting:

When you enter the courtroom, you will encounter a jury consisting of people from different backgrounds, education levels and ages. As such, you will have the task of presenting your case in a manner that will reach each person in a very concise way. Our goal is to help our clients ensure that each juror focuses on the issue at hand by creating an atmosphere that provides the clearest view of the information and proof. ALS not only assists with all issues that surround presenting the client’s case, but also utilizes technology in the planning and implementation of an effective case presentation.

Trial technology consulting is a multi-level process, from the strategies of preparing and presenting a compelling opening statement to designing the courtroom equipment layout. ALS realizes that managing the trial evidence in a computerized presentation tool is successful only when properly prepared and loaded. Installation and support of courtroom technology takes a specialized knowledge of hardware and software resources. Our expert consultants will develop and implement the overall technology plan using a combined 30 years of “hot seat” experience.

ALS has “hot seat” experience in more than 500 jury trials, arbitrations, hearings and mediations. No matter the size of your case, choosing to partner with ALS will save you time and money by consolidating multiple vendors into one complete litigation support solution.

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