Trial Technology Consulting

Multimedia presentations used to introduce evidence or tell a story in a courtroom environment. These presentations can greatly affect the way a jury sees the evidence.


A well-thought-out demonstrative is by far the most impactful and memorable way to present evidence to a jury.

Video Services

Bring transcripts to life with video depositions. Video depositions go beyond the written word to convey emotion and inflection with all the telling silences and sighs that are lost in mere text.

Document Management

Whether a project is as simple as a straight run or as complex as multiple copies and Bates numbering, we will take it off of the “to do” list. ALS can also OCR documents, two or three-hole punch printouts and provide online access through our secure online server.

Data Hosting

Alpha Legal Solutions’ secure data hosting makes it simple to securely store and share files internally or with external partners. ALS gives clients the capability to upload, download or share virtually any file type with just a few clicks.

Equipment Rental

Audio and visual technology is one of the most powerful ways to effectively communicate with a group. ALS offers everything needed to ensure a one-of-a-kind courtroom experience.